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Mojo & The Motor City DJ's

by Mark McMorris on 05/01/11

It seems that Detroit had no shortage of talented DJ's back in the day. Not just the voices we heard from station to station but the guys and gals that could pack the Detroit clubs, halls and back yards.  Mojo kept us hypnotized without a doubt, but on the street guys like Dale Willis and Hump The Grinder come to mind. Sights & Sounds by Dale Willis.  I never could figure out how this guy could spin sounds at three different places all on the same night at the same time on different sides of town and be present at all three wearing different outfits always with a fresh pair of sneekers and the latest designer sweatshirt or tee. Never missing a chance to take a bite out of the latest up and coming thing. Able to flip an idea into a business as quickly as he could flip an LP he was know for going all out with each business idea and would sacrifice his own comfort and finances to get it up and running. Sights & Sounds by Dale Willis says it all. With this guy there was always something new to see and hear, from the latest & greatest single to the top of the line hi tech gear. He could keep the Sentinal Building packed and pumpin. His name on the lips and in the ears of every teenager looking for a night of non stop heart pumpin, bass thumpin, ass grinding, dance floor fun! With Dale WIllis it was "Lets go for a ride or step aside".

Now if you wanted to get down to the Grind, only one way to get it done Hump The Grinder could be heard from Bell Isle to NorthLand, a master of the Mic he would be heard if nothing else. A booming voice with lots to say, never at a loss for words. He could put your function on the map with a little turntable magic and some slick wit and pounding bass in your face. Hump The grinder was another over the top personality on Detroit's musical map. With a little smoke and a few mirrors he was able to move from venue to venue without missing a beat! After the music died down he Spun his Grinder pesona into a completly new and never before seen creation of Hair Entertainment? Hair Wars. With a hair salon on every corner the men and women of Detroit would not be seen on The Scene or any where else unless their hair was DID! The Grinder saw a chance to promote hair care as hair flair! A thousand years past getting your hair braided sitting in a kitchen chair on your girlfriends front porch. Hump The Grinder took his show on the road. No more milk crates full of LP's and cassette tapes, The Grinder now stocks all the top names in the hair game. When Detroit could no longer support the full scope of Hump The Grinders hair thang his hair entourage took flight to all points on the map. No hair salon stylist could spin you around in the chair fast enough to keep up with The Grinder's next group of over the top "Hair Entertainers" as he calls them. Grab a ticket when it combs thru town. Yeah combs!  Hair Wars promises to stimulate your mind and your scalp better than anything you can buy off the shelf.  This ain't your daddy's Afro Sheen Blow Out Kit!  Tic tic tic tic boom! 

Don't think for a second that these were the only Detroit DJ's to do it to it. There were simply too many to mention, and thats not out of disrespect more like a disconnect.  Meaning I only have two ears and these were two of the names that were always in your ear from party to party.  As it was in the past, sooner or later all the musical people in The D crossed paths with the Electrifying Mojo. There was no musical compitetion in Detroit, it was more like musical cooperation.  DJ's shared milk crates and mixes. It was all about the music for them and about keeping Motown Yo Town. Thanks for the fun fellas.

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